Farm Credit Services of ND Holds Interest Rate Increase

Minot, ND - December 15th, 2017

Today Farm Credit Services of North Dakota announced they will not increase their variable interest rate to customers. 

At The Federal Reserve’s recent meeting held on December 13, 2017, they raised the Federal Funds rate 25 basis points. Thanks to Farm Credit Services of North Dakota’s Pat-NOW program, we will not pass along an interest rate increase to our variable rate customers.

It is our goal at Farm Credit Services of ND to keep rates as low as possible, and to pass those interest rate savings on immediately instead of patronage paid out at a later date. That’s how Pat-NOW keeps your interest rates low! Be sure to stop in and visit with our loan officers to make sure you are taking advantage of all the rate savings that Farm Credit Services of ND can offer.

 Minot             800-264-1265                 Crosby           701-965-2265
 Bottineau       800-2643731                  Rugby            800-467-5863
 Carrington       800-264-2836                     Williston         800-264-1095

About Farm Credit Services of North Dakota
Farm Credit Services of North Dakota is a member-owned agricultural credit association providing loans to farmers and ranchers for real estate, machinery, livestock and operating needs. FCS of ND also offers life and disability and crop insurances to the rural community. FCS of ND serves 17 counties in northwest North Dakota through branch offices located in Minot, Bottineau, Carrington, Crosby, Rugby, and Williston, including Bowbells Crop Insurance (Bowbells), and Ward County Crop Insurance (Minot). For more information, visit