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FCS of ND Online Banking Announcement

FCS ND NOW online banking has now been updated to include new features such as remote deposit and facial recognition.
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Farm Credit Services of ND

Farm Credit Services Awards the City of Minot - Minot Police Department $19,396

Farm Credit Services of North Dakota is proud to announce that it has awarded the City of Minot and the Minot Police Department $19,396 as a recipient of the Rural Community Grant Fund (RCGF). The grant funds helped purchase a dual purpose K-9 to better protect and serve the Minot community.

The Minot Police Department is pleased to accept the check from Gordon Hanson, CEO of Farm Credit Services, and Dan Beyer, SVP of Marketing, to utilize the grant funds towards purchasing the K-9 along with the necessary training, handling and required K-9 equipment and supplies.

The service that the Minot Police Department provides is critical for the community, and with the acquisition of a K-9, it will allow the police department to better serve the citizens of Minot as well as protect its police officers. The dual purpose K-9 will provide the Minot Police Department with the resources to respond to threats such as narcotics and weapons detection and assist them in their patrol duties facilitating suspect apprehension. “We are excited to award funds for Caspian, their new dual purpose K-9, to secure increased public safety as well as that of the individual police officers,” says Gordon Hanson, CEO of Farm Credit Services of North Dakota. “Farm Credit is proud to help them be more prepared to handle incidents that arise as a result of an increase in population and call volume that mineral exploration has brought to our area,” he adds.

Farm Credit Services of North Dakota, Farm Credit Services of Mandan and AgriBank, established the Rural Community Grant Fund to assist in the implementation and development of projects and programs in communities and rural areas in western North Dakota which have been impacted by mineral exploration.

The Rural Community Grant Fund is currently accepting applications for future funding requests. Interested parties can apply at




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