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FCS of ND Distributes $4.3 Million of Ca$h Dividend$ to Borrowers

FCS of ND announced $4.3 Million in Ca$h Dividend$ were distributed to its stockholder-customers in late March.
This major all-new additional customer benefit should put annual Ca$h Dividend$ into the pockets
of our current and future customers for years to come!

Farm Credit Services of ND

Farm Credit Services of ND Re-elects Board Member and Passes New Cash Dividends Program


(MINOT, ND) -- Stockholders of Farm Credit Services of North Dakota (FCSND), ACA elected one director and five nominating committee members
during the recent election period ending August 3, 2020 for the board member and nominating committee elections and August 4, 2020 for the
Capitalization Bylaw Amendments.

Mark Martinson, Rolette, ND was re-elected to the Board of Directors for a four-year term. Stockholders re-elected Mark Birdsall – Berthold, Alan Effertz – Velva,
Dean Schoenberg – Mohall, and Robert Schaefer – Glenburn, and newly elected Austin Hager – Karlsruhe, for one-year terms on the nominating committee.

Stockholders also passed the Capitalization Bylaw Amendments which supports the implementation of a new “Farm Credit Ca$h Dividend$” program. The
Association’s capitalization bylaws had not undergone a complete update since 1999 and contained many obsolete provisions and references that were no longer
relevant to the Association’s current structure and capitalization. In addition, given that we have now built capital levels that allow for the payment of patronage dividends,
we wanted to add additional detail in the Capitalization Bylaws regarding the Board’s authority to declare and allocate patronage dividends.

Farmers and ranchers are in the midst of a prolonged ag economic downturn. Farm Credit Services believes producers deserve every benefit and advantage possible.
“After several years of low ag commodity prices and related economic challenges, not to mention even more uncertainty in 2020 due to the national and global COVID-19
pandemic, it is the right time to develop and deliver a major new customer benefit,” says Gordon Hanson, CEO. “Our top priorities are to deliver constructive credit and
crop insurance, provide value-added expertise and service, keep interest rates low, and now also deliver cash dividends to our borrower-owners,” added Hanson.

Farm Credit Services of North Dakota is a member-owned agricultural cooperative providing loans to farmers and ranchers for real estate, machinery, livestock, and
operating needs. FCSND also offers life & disability and crop insurances to the rural community. FCSND serves 17 counties in northwest and north central North Dakota
through branch offices located in Minot, Bottineau, Carrington, Crosby, Rugby, and Williston, as well as Bowbells Crop Insurance (Bowbells) and Ward County Crop
Insurance (Minot).

Gordon D. Hanson                                     Bryan Ankenbauer                               Kent Huss
President and CEO                                    Chairman of the Board                       Senior Vice President and 
Farm Credit Services of                            Farm Credit Services of                     Chief Financial Officer
North Dakota, ACA                                    North Dakota, ACA                              Farm Credit Services of
                                                                                                                                     North Dakota, ACA

August 12, 2020  (updated)
Gordon Hanson - CEO




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