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FCS of ND Distributes $4.3 Million of Ca$h Dividend$ to Borrowers

FCS of ND announced $4.3 Million in Ca$h Dividend$ were distributed to its stockholder-customers in late March.
This major all-new additional customer benefit should put annual Ca$h Dividend$ into the pockets
of our current and future customers for years to come!

Farm Credit Services of ND

Farm Credit Services Provides FFA Student Handbooks

This year acknowledges the 45th year that the three independent Farm Credit Services associations in North Dakota have donated
FFA Handbooks to agricultural students in area schools.

This year, over one hundred high school agriculture education programs in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin will receive over
3,000 of the student handbooks for the start of the 2021/2022 school year donated by the Farm Credit Services Associations in North Dakota.

For four and a half decades more than 88,550 of the books have been presented to FFA-first year 'greenhands' to be used throughout the
four-year FFA program.

“Farm Credit Services is very proud of its history of providing handbooks for a program that helps students expand their interests and begin
a path rich with career development opportunities,” says Teresa Kjellberg, Director of Marketing with Farm Credit Services of North Dakota.
“Farm Credit maintains a strong commitment to support youth in our rural communities. The FFA program provides opportunities for personal
growth as well as potential future careers in the agricultural industry,” she adds.

Farm Credit Services is committed to helping the FFA provide excellence in the teaching and learning of agriculture and its activities in science,
technology, production, processing, and related agribusiness activities as well as understand the vital and necessary role of the agricultural industry.
Farm Credit Services is proud to support today’s youth who may become tomorrow’s agricultural producers and leaders.

The three independent North Dakota Farm Credit associations are headquartered in Minot (, Fargo (,
and Mandan ( 




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