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Shareholders have approved the merger between Farm Credit Services of ND and AgCountry Farm Credit Services.

FCSND customers will not see any changes to their online banking services at this time.
Please watch for future communications.

Farm Credit Services of ND


Farm Credit Services understands how the cycles of farming can affect your business. We will work with you to tailor a lease that fits your operation and your cash flow. We also understand the value of time. Now you can obtain Farm Credit leasing through your equipment dealer or at your local FCS office. Your loan officer can assist you in deciding if a lease fits your needs and the process is simple, quick and convenient.

Equipment Leases

A Farm Credit Services equipment lease could become one of the most powerful tools on your farm. It lets you acquire the equipment you need today without tying up your capital. There are many benefits of leasing including: no down payment, improved cash flow, generally 100% tax deductible, fixed payments and a payment schedule tailored to fit your needs.

Facility Leases

A Farm Credit Services lease gives you the power to acquire new facilities without tying up your capital. There are many benefits including: improved cash flow, sales tax savings, fixed payments, generally tax deductible and a payment schedule tailored to fit your operation.

Bin Leases

At Farm Credit Services, we strive to offer products that best serve and protect the customer and their farming operation. In today's farming operation, grain storage has become increasingly important as producers manage and market their crops. That's why FCS has developed a Bin Leasing Program. with FCS's Bin Leasing Program, we can provide financial assistance to help you achieve your marketing and storage needs.

The benefits of the FCS Bin Leasing Program include competitive lease rates, flexible terms, annual payment schedule, simplicity, lower cash outlat - preseving working capital for the farmer, possible reduced tax liability and no dealer recourse.




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