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Shareholders have approved the merger between Farm Credit Services of ND and AgCountry Farm Credit Services.

FCSND customers will not see any changes to their online banking services at this time.
Please watch for future communications.

Farm Credit Services of ND

Real Estate Loans

More than land and building loans, at Farm Credit Services we offer creative financing solutions designed to meet your individual needs. Along with a variety of rates and terms, FCS offers other advantages too - such as conversion options, interest rate caps and flexible payment schedules. Contact our agricultural credit specialists today to learn more about our real estate loan options designed just for you.

High Quality Real Estate Appraisals at a Reasonable Cost
When you need to establish the value of farm real estate, it makes sense to turn to the agricultural appraisal specialists at Farm Credit Services for a professional, reliable, high quality appraisal at a reasonable cost.

Appraisal services may be provided to persons or entities that are eligible to borrow from Farm Credit Services. Appraisal services may also be provided to banks and other institutions requesting for or on behalf of such eligible persons. Appraisals may be provided on agriculture, agribusiness and rural residential properties.

Country Living Mortgages Offer Comfortable Advantages
If you live in the country, or would like to, Farm Credit Services can help you buy, build, refinance or remodel the house of your dreams. We finance primary residences - country homes, small farms, lake homes and more - as well as the acreage underneath them.

Country mortgages offer flexible terms and competitive rates. Contact a Farm Credit lending specialist to discuss a loan that is tailored to fit your individual needs, resulting in a mortgage that's easy to live with.




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